Young, hungry and agile? Isn’t that how you want your IT support provider to be?


When it comes to finding the right business and IT support provider, you want a company with determined, feisty young staff who can cope with and relish the demands of complex IT and software support challenges.

Tek Experts is a young and fast growing company, with the average age of staff being 29. Because of our policy for diversity throughout our six international offices, it means we can offer an eclectic mix of skills to help any business gain the most from their software investment.

Infectious enthusiasm

Surely, in today’s digital world, these are the kind of exuberant, passionate people you want to work with or work with your customers. One undeniable quality that the ‘Generation Z’ have is enthusiasm, which makes them determined to exceed expectations.

There are huge advantages to working with and for a younger company over established megaliths, and infectious enthusiasm is just one of them. This means whatever young, hungry companies do internally or externally, they do it with passion.

Having young tech-savvy staff at the heart of the deliverables means that they are also more likely to be up to date with the latest tech trends and news. The staff tend to be hungry for information, new ways to challenge their technical knowledge and push the limits of what’s possible. Other good news is they have an extremely insatiable work ethic and will put in the extra time and effort to get the job done in order to continue climbing the career ladder and because it’s the right thing to do. Tek Experts also ensure its frontline staff gets continuous technology training.

This age group has been brought up surrounded by technology, to them it’s second nature. A report by Sparks & Honey, a US advertising agency, describes this generation, as the “first tribe of true digital natives” or “screenagers”. So naturally, with training we provide them, they have the kind of skills needed to manage tasks like manage application development, come up with solutions for softwareissues faster and be agile enough to adapt to an ever-changing environment. This enables our clients and their customers to get the most out of the latest technology and make sure their business is constantly innovating.

Multi-talented and aspirational

Another benefit of working with a young, hungry and agile team of people is that they have multiple wants from their life experiences and career. The report also mentions that 60% wanted to have an impact on the world. They are keen to make the world a better place. In the broadest sense that could be volunteer work within their community or because of their natural affinity with technology, they want to create a seamless technological experience in every aspect of our lives and businesses. For example, this could be troubleshooting complex IT or software challenges, working on innovative apps that help transform businesses and improve workflow or switching on their air conditioning and lights at home while still at work.

When it comes to software and hardware support, young and highly adaptable staff will go the extra mile to make sure everything’s running smoothly and so their client’s business will reach its full potential. This gives the client, time to focus on strategy and innovation, enabling them to change their business, and the world for the better.

Younger people have a more holistic view on life and work and tend to aspire to work for better employers who hold similar values. They like to be extremely entrepreneurial and talented multi-taskers because when you work in a world where everything is changing so quickly, you have to adapt and expand your skillset. Generation Z people can quickly and efficiently shift between work and play, with multiple distractions going on in the background…working on multiple tasks at once.

Tek Experts business and IT outsourcing teams, regardless where they are in the world, are hired to be agile and flexible, passion and able to cope with whatever demands modern IT throws at them. We believe regardless of our age, we want to stay young, hungry and agile in our thinking and actions. It means we’re quick to respond to opportunities, we can innovate and take the lead on new technology, new ways of thinking and we are an attractive company to work for and with. It is the duty of and we actively encourage all our staff to challenge the norm and push what is possible.

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