Tek Experts women helping women into work

مدونة الوظائف

When we talk about corporate social responsibility or doing work for worthy causes, we often mean raising money for programs. But sometimes you don’t need to give a handout, just a hand up.

So, when the Colorado Springs team got involved in the ‘Women Helping Women’ event (WHW), our Rachel Navakuku one of our Customer Advocacy Managers offered her hand, eye, and camera.

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WHW’s goal is to prepare local women, living below the poverty line to successfully come off welfare and become self-sufficient for themselves and for their families. On the day, that preparation could include anything from how to apply for a position, to actually being given business clothes free of charge and from preparing for an interview to having a professional resume photo.

Take the shot

Professional portraits are usually way too expensive for anybody on welfare, and we wanted them to make a great first impression. Rachel was very excited about her involvement:

“I spent the day taking professional head shots of the attendees for their resumes and networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Glassdoor. I think a good portrait really makes a difference and is much better than any selfie.”

The day was highly rewarding as there were so many women that haven’t had much time to focus on themselves and we could help,” Rachel continued, “during our brief photo sessions, I was privileged to hear about their struggles and goals. It’s good to know that we could help them on their path to self-sufficiency.”

Debra Herzog, our Colorado site manager said: “As an employer, getting women back into employment is something we feel strongly about as they have so many valuable skills. The event definitely brought a ray of hope to many and Rachel tells us of grateful attendees who now know that there was a network of other local women willing to help and support them. We’re all about people realizing their full potential.”

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