Holiday Season in Bulgaria

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At Tek in Bulgaria, we opened the festive season with a Secret Santa event in the afternoon of the last working Friday of December, followed by a Christmas party on the same evening. The celebrations were quite in the mood of the holidays, as we feel like one big family of 300. It is not rare that Tek employees get together and share happy moments, but in the spirit of Christmas and the approaching New Year, there was a special vibe of cheer and a feeling of satisfaction for all we have accomplished together. Madlena Nikiforova shares the joy of the occasion:

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a game of Christmas gifts, a little mystery and a lot of smiles. We drew the recipients of our gifts on Wednesday and from that day on we were all wrapped up in the excitement of the surprises that would be revealed at the end of the week. On the merry Friday, we all gathered for the long-awaited gift exchange. Holiday bags with the face of Santa Clause, col orful wrappings with Christmas decoration and bright ribbons were in the air. One was surprised by a nicely engraved flask while another was unwrapping an 8 ball. Christmas mugs and figures, chocolates and sweets, pillows and books – you name it, we got it!

Christmas Party

The Tek Experts Christmas party was held the same evening at the famous metropolitan club Mood and the program included special prizes, music, dancing, food and drinks and lots of smiles. The mood was set with some special awards announced by Site Manager Ivaylo Dekov. The Employee of the Year Radoslav Gergiminov was awarded an honorable certificate and a price for a job well done throughout the year. As things usually go at Tek, the second place was shared among three members of our team – we can’t help it, we are ALL THAT good! Angel Harizanov, Nikola Yordanov, and Georgi Klifov were all honored with special prizes and applause for their years’ work. The culmination of the evening, of course, was the award for Team of the Year, snatched by NNM and their manager Vesselin Petkov.

After the emotions of the ceremony, it was time to turn the music up, get a move on and pose for the photographer until the small hours. As usual, we ended up sharing lots of laughter, cheers and unforgettable Tek moments.