Nikita Akulov, Regional Customer Advocate Manager, Malta

Meet Nikita Akulov,
Regional Customer Advocate Manager,

“You’ll never hear us say ‘that’s outside of our scope’ to a customer or a client”
My job means I look after all the customer advocate managers who look after EMEA region. I’m Nikita Akulov the regional customer advocate manager in Malta and I’ve been with Tek Experts since 2014.

Our team sits between our software clients and their end users. We are very proactive and speak with new customers within days of them getting their software. The client expects us to make sure every customer gets the maximum value from their investment, right from the start, even if it means chasing the client up for stuff. When we call a customer, we can help them and make sure they use all their licenses, check it’s installed to their spec, highlight features, functions and trouble shoot at any time while they have the software. It’s very rewarding.

Also, when we need to get an answer for the customer, we would speak to other departments within Tek Experts, the client and even other departments at the customer – we go everywhere. What I can guarantee is you’ll never hear us say ‘that’s outside our scope’ to a customer or a client. We don’t stop until the customer is not just happy but delighted. My team provides this service in multiple languages and are part of the 24/7 service Tek Experts provides.

It was easy for me to decide to join Tek Experts.  They ticked all the boxes that were important to me to move to a new job: growth, new challenges, innovative and working with blue chip companies.

What I really like is the people’s attitude here, when it comes to making things work. No matter what the challenge is, we get it done. For example, we had a client who wanted us to onboard ALL their customers and asked us to devise the process as well. Great we thought, what a great opportunity to shine! My team got together with different subject experts from around the company, the client and even some of their own customers.  And we made it work.

We’re a divers team here. I’m a native Russian, living in Malta, using my English everyday plus because we have over 20 nationalities in Malta, I’m also getting to improve my Spanish and French by talking with my team.

I didn’t join as a full trained customer advocate manager. A lot of my training was on the job and we don’t limit ourselves to what customer advocacy should and shouldn’t be. My soft skills training helped me deal with all types of people. I am regularly speaking with CEOs and technical engineers, each want different types of information and levels of information. I find that I can be better at communicating now.

If you were thinking of joining us think about this, if you were working in another company, it could be years before you’d get the change to move up in your career. Because we’re growing and dynamic the chances are you won’t have to wait. If you play to your strengths, you will be noticed and rewarded for your efforts.

Not that you would know, but I used to play semi-professional football while I was living in England. I played for Lewishaw FC and later Erith & Dartford FC for a little bit.

Interested in working in Malta? Check out our relocate to Malta page for more on this amazing country.

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