Top 5 reasons to become a technical support engineer

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A technical support engineer role isn’t just a job; it’s a lifeline to your customers. You’re at the forefront of the company and are often the first contact your customer has with the brand. They need you; you’re solving problems and making lives less stressful. You make a difference and that’s powerful stuff.

Not only will you help troubleshoot potential software problems, and assist your customers, but you’ll also be kick-starting your own career.

Consider these benefits to becoming a technical support engineer:

  1. Practical experience. You’ll receive valuable practical experience on top of the previous academic knowledge you’ve gained.
  2. Soft skills. Expand your soft-skills like motivation, decision-making, and leadership skills, as well as technical knowledge, including problem-solving, communication, and working as a team.
  3. Dynamic, exciting role. This dynamic job gives insight into a range of businesses most likely global players in their field and brands you’ve heard of. At companies like Tek Experts, you can experience international exposure and the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies.
  4. Up-to-date technological knowledge. Keeping you on the edge of technological advancement, you will constantly learn, engage with and understand the latest technology solutions. Learning these valuable skills will help you approach new information and more efficiently adopt technological updates.
  5. Industry development and job opportunities. In the USA alone, reports show the technology industry employs more than 6.7 million people, adding up to 7.1% of the overall GDP. There’s also strong evidence that the revenue will continue to grow.

The industry looks set to continue developing at a high level. With more and more people placing higher emphasis and dependence on technology not only for their day to day job but socially; demand for these types of roles will not be going away anytime soon. This is good news for anyone looking to enter the industry, as it equates to a stable employment market.

 “Being a technical support engineer in a company such as Tek Experts is a demanding, fast-paced and exciting role,” says Rick Sullivan global education manager of Tek Experts. “Many of our team members throughout the global offices have started off in this role, before progressing up the career ladder. It’s definitely a recognized career path.”

If you are looking work in a fast growing company, to make a difference, and thrive on new challenges while having the opportunity to grow, then the role of technical support engineer is definitely for you.

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